European wedding dresses wholesale TM Silviamo - collection "Atelier"
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European wedding dresses

Fresh ideas and fashion trends in the world of wedding fashion have always been a matter of interest for future brides. Nothing has changed for today, therefore, Silviamo TM designers presented a new collection of European wedding dresses from the manufacturer, representing a large selection of the latest trends.

General trend of deviation from classics and seeking personalization inspired our designers to create the Atelier collection which included wedding dresses of European style. Each outfit is unique in its kind, because it is capable of delicately presenting the inner world of its owner. Individual style, bold decisions and quality modern fabrics allowed our team to create these incomparable outfits for your customers. In the catalog of TM Silviamo online store one can find:

  • A-line wedding dresses not only white, but also of pastel shades, which are surely can interest girls whose color-type requires brighter tones;

  • short dresses with a transparent skirt, allowing to show the slender legs of a young bride;

  • aristocratic godet, representing the top of femininity and sophisticated luxury. these silhouettes will fit properly the lucky owners of ideal figure;

  • lace outfits of different silhouettes. Delicate lace decorate the workpieces of our designers for many seasons. The Atelier collection was not an exception, here laces of different kinds are used not only for fabrication of a dress in general but also of separate elements, lacing is also used for a decor. 

All these European wedding dresses can be ordered wholesale at any time convenient for you. The highest quality fabrics, imported accessories, modern design intentions contributed to the creation of this beautiful collection of wedding dresses which can most favorably decorate the showcases of your boutiques.