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Hello! The company team of TM «Silviamo» offers to the owners of bridal salons to buy wedding dresses wholesale from us, at very democratic prices. We as a manufacturer of wedding dresses, and you, as their sellers, need to know and understand well that our work is related to the most important day in the life of a girl, with the day of her wedding. On this day two people create their future together, because of this everything has to be perfect. In this day bride should look simply stunning. Last many years this is what we are working for. From us to buy wholesale wedding dresses comes a lot of entrepreneurs not only from Ukraine, but also from Russia and Europe. To make the girl at her wedding looked great, we, together with our designers develop unique models and styles, because we understand, with how trepidation the girls create their wedding, in their imagination with put a lot of little details.

To buy wedding dresses wholesale in Ukraine is very easy, if you go to the website of TM «Silviamo», which offered the connoisseurs of white dresses, and dresses of other colors to choose not only the right color, but also right cutting, as well as a set of jewelry and accessories. You can also contact us by phone or by email. When we offer wedding dresses to buy wholesale and retail, we are working not only with our constant partners, but also we are engaged in supplying of one or more units of goods.

The owner of the wedding dress shop need to find a reliable supplier that has established itself as a manufacturer of quality products. Then he will be able to offer a good selection of wedding dresses for wholesale purchases. Besides this, the supplier must provide the catalogs (electronic or in brochures) of finished product, which will allow customers to choose liked dress, even if it is out of stock in the store. So by selecting any model of the dress he like, the buyer can order it, by indicating the necessary characteristics. So the most basic services of any manufacturing company is to provide opportunities to the client at any time to can buy wedding dresses wholesale in Ukraine or in any other country. A reliable partnership, in this case, can increase the client demand - because in addition of what is available, sellers will be able to offer to buyers also the catalogs with other dresses. For the shops and salons is very profitable to buy wedding dresses wholesale in Ukraine, because the retail price is very different from the wholesale price, and in the case of constant wholesale purchases price becomes more profitable, which will significantly increase the profits of the sellers. The TM«Silviamo» offers its services to deliver wholesale orders of wedding dresses and the original accessories throughout Europe. You can contact us and make an order by going to the section of our website "Contact Us".