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Veil is an important element of the wedding attire since Antiquity, when it was used to hide the bride from an evil eye. Now this accessory is a complement to a bride's image. Choosing from the variety of veils is simple: they differ in terms length (short, medium and long), material (satin, silk, sateen) and ornaments (sequins, beads, Swarovski stones). Also there are single- and multi-tiered, with different types of fasteners, hard-textured and transparent ... It's not easy to find each requested veil, although this became an interesting challenge for the designers of Silviamo who worked on the new wedding collection.

In this article, we will talk about the wedding trends and how to complement a bride's image with a veil from the collection of veils by Silviamo, available for purchase veils wholesale.  


Floor-length veil - this veil can be decorated with lace edging or appliqués. Floor-length veil is ideal for a magnificent wedding ceremony.

The popularity of floor-length veils does not mean that medium length is out of fashion. The original version of the wedding veil is mantilla, which can be bought wholesale at the website of Silviamo. Another name for this veil embroidered with lace is "mantilla". Designers began to use this style to meet whims of the Spanish queens. A traditional mantilla is made of lace by hand or chiffon. "Mantilla" can have any length, the main requirement is that this veil has a round or oval shape and cover a bride's head. It looks stylish!

A single-layered thin veil is combined with  a wedding gown richly embroidered lace and appliqués. A simple single-tiered veil emphasizes the luxury of a dress but does not catch all the attention. The opposite is also true: a monophonic dress with a few ornaments can suite a magnificent multi-tiered veil.

Coco Chanel said: "Fashion passes, style remains." It's not about what is fashionable this season, but how the bride can create a consistent image for a celebration. And we together with a new collection of wedding veils can help!