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Veils 2017


The modern wedding industry offers a great choice of headdresses for brides able to perfectly complement any image. But a traditional veil is, as before, in favor with the twentieth century brides. Some do not want to forget traditions and do follow beliefs, which say that veils protect girls from evil spirits, while others simply like this gentle and romantic accessory. Moreover, modern wedding veils are real works of art made of high-quality wedding fabrics, such as veiling, tulle netting, and lace. 


A striking proof of the aforementioned are the designer veils by "Silviamo" TM. Find unmatched veils 2017 in the catalog of our online store for your salons that will best complement any chosen wedding dress. We offer veils of different lengths, because each dress requires a certain length of such an accessory. Classic wedding gown should be combined with a long model. It can be a "cathedral" 3.5 meters long or a "chapel" 2.5 meters long, sliding on the wedding floor, forming a luxurious train. If a bride prefers a narrow dress model, then she can be recommended a "Waltz" veil. Brides who are planning to upsweep their hair, can be offered a multi-layered veil consisting of 2-3 parts. If a girl chooses a short outfit, then her veil should be just below the shoulders.

Wedding veil wholesale from the manufacturer "Silviamo" TM can be fastened to hair in many ways: to a wreath, to a diadem, to bride's hair. Matchless veils from the designers of "Silviamo" TM emphasize beauty of girls with different face shapes, so each of them wishing to wear a wedding veil is able to pick up a suitable accessory.

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