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The first thing imagined by anyone hearing the word "bride" is a girl in a white dress and a veil. Of course, recently, many girls prefer other hair ornaments. It can be headbands, diadems, but a veil is something special. It is not for nothing that this accessory of a bride has been used for centuries to create wedding images. Attitude towards it changed, long before a veil protected girls from evil spirits and evil eyes. And to date, this accessory is a beautiful decoration that creates a feeling of a girl as of a mysterious and innocent figure. That is why "Silviamo" TM offers to buy veils wholesale in the city of Chernivtsi, so that your customers could choose an interesting model for their outfit, which would best complete their images.

Using the catalog of our online store you can buy veils wholesale in Ukraine at affordable prices. It's not a secret for anyone that a veil is selected for a particular dress, so that a dress and a veil can look like a single set. That is why a wedding fashion salon should have a worthy choice of veils – for the clients to be able to choose an option suitable for a dress. Buy veils wholesale for your salon of different models, to have many things to offer to your clients.

On the website of "Silviamo" TM you can buy veils made of tulle netting, veiling, lace. To manufacture veils, materials of different stiffness are used and due to this it is easy to choose a veil for a specific hairstyle. Our designers use embroideries, lace edging and other interesting options to decorate veils. 

Order veils in the online store of "Silviamo" TM for your wedding fashion salons and get the opportunity to offer your customers a traditional but at the same time beautiful accessory for the basic outfit.


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