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Each large and successful project is preceded by a small idea. This is what happened with the Ukrainian manufacturer of wedding dresses Silviamo: it all started with a small workshop, several employees and almost handmade.  But dedication, assertiveness and the desire to touch the heights allowed the whole team to succeed:  to expand production and staff, to purchase sewing equipment from leading manufacturers, and to enter the international market. Today we will open for you the secret of our work: we will tell you how the process of creating exclusive wedding and evening dresses is organized, which have won the hearts of thousands of girls both in Ukraine and far beyond its borders.


Every day we work on designing, sewing, decorating wedding dresses.  Dedicated specialists are in charge of each stage.

Sketches of future decorations are developed by designers. In order to ensure the success of the product, when drawing the model, the specialists take into account the current fashion trends, as well as the wishes of the girls themselves.

Next, the sketch goes into the phase of drawing and the basic pattern. Designers form the model of the future dress: using special formulas, points connected by segments are plotted to the base mesh in certain places. This is how the main elements of the product are formed.

After the prototype is ready, another crucial stage begins - the choice of fabrics, threads and accessories. According to the Silviamo production policy, only the best materials possible are used for sewing wedding dresses. The priority is given to the quality of the finished product, therefore, savings on the raw materials are excluded.

After selecting the fabric, you can proceed to the selection of the accessories, taking into account the color gamut of the fabric. Its density is taken into account because the higher it is, the stronger the accessories should be chosen. Dress decoration with lace, appliqués, mesh, belts and all the elements available for designers and provided for in each particular product become a “cherry on top”.

Thanks to the best equipment on which experienced seamstresses work, Silviamo is a manufacturer and supplier in one guise, ready to offer wholesale purchases of wedding dresses. Thanks to direct cooperation with us, the intermediaries are eliminated, the logistics scheme for order placement is simplified and the price of products is significantly reduced. Discover collaboration with real professionals!

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