Wholesale purchases of evening dresses for graduation: what to look for
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Wholesale purchases of evening dresses for graduation: what to look for

There are a lot of interesting collections of designer evening gowns for graduation on the market of Silviamo company. Each of them comprises 20-30 models of different colors and styles.

Therefore we have prepared the list of short advices that will help to determine the request for wholesale purchase of evening dresses for graduation in order to build a profitable relationship with the manufacturer. As a bonus we will inform you about 3 options for a successful cooperation with us.




Determine the target audience - this will depend not only on the design of the showroom or salon but also on the range of dresses. Wholesale purchases provide more opportunities: 

  • for the salons you can purchase the short evening dresses for party-graduation and voluminous long attires;


  • make a separation along the length of the skirt and sleeves - among our collections, models with a length of skirt above the knee and the floor-length models predominate. Since the graduation is held at the end of spring and early summer we design most of the dresses with short sleeves or without ones;

  • pay attention to the fabric because even the highly professional cut won’t offer the desired effect if inexpensive low-quality materials have been used. We use such exclusive fabrics as atlas, lace with a cord or  multi-chiffon for the creation of evening attires of Silviamo brand. Elements of decor are also important because even the magnificent evening gown can be ruined with the fallen crystal or shaggy lace applique. For our dresses we use elements from guipure (more rigid than lace) and Swarovski crystals;

  • familiarize yourself with the terms of the manufacturer because for long-term cooperation it is important to choose favorable conditions from the outset. You can purchase the evening dresses for the graduation from the manufacturer Silviamo using one of 3 programs: as a wholesale customer - if there is no official representative of Silviamo in your city. The minimum wholesale order of evening dresses is 10 items;
  • exclusive partner - we advertise your salon on our website, we give advertising products, we redirect clients from your city to your salon.
  • VIP partner - a discount of 5% for wholesale orders from 70 dresses per year.