Wedding dresses with uncovered shoulders
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Wedding dresses with uncovered shoulders

The small sleeves covering utmost the upper third of the shoulder look gentle and delicate because they are made of a dense but visually lightweight lace fabric or any other not transparent material.

Wedding dresses of this style can beneficially emphasize the contours of the hands. Besides, the tiny sleeve looks like a natural and harmonious extension of the uncovered top.


The off-the-shoulder wedding dresses with straps

Elegantly uncovered back and arms and only tiny straps made of thin and weightless fabric supporting the outfit. This type of cut looks original and very interesting. The accents are shifted to the décolleté and chest thus creating a delicate image.

If the attire has the straps descending from the shoulders it could poetically be called the outfit with "portrait décolleté". In this case, placing the straps visually creates a perfectly straight décolletage line and emphasizes the self-restraint of the bride. Wedding dresses with uncovered shoulders and straps are an excellent choice for delicate ladies. If the shoulders are a bit plump, the outfit with uncovered hands will seem inappropriate.


Wedding dresses with uncovered back


The wedding attires with an uncovered back are created to bestow the bride’s images with intricate accents of tenderness. They will not only draw an attention of the groom and all the male guests, but they also look fantastic on the wedding photos. Such style not only looks magnificent in the photo, but also emphasizes the delicate and refined posture of  its owner, bestowing tender elegance to the bride’s images. If the wedding ceremony takes place in the hot summer months, it is also incredibly advantageous because the outfit with an uncovered back is very comfortable for hot season.

Wedding dresses with long sleeves and uncovered back are rather relevant despite the fact that they are inspired by classic trends. All the above styles can be found in the catalog Silviamo. Visit us and purchase the best wedding dress!