Top-facts from Silviamo: these amazing evening dresses
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Top-facts from Silviamo: these amazing evening dresses

What is an evening attire? The usual outfit, an element for creating an image or a means of communication? First of all, it is a  history: victories and discoveries, achievements and records. Specially for you, we gleaned the TOP verified facts which will make you look differently at the wonderful world of the evening dresses.


Did you know that…

• For the first time the dress got rid of the heavy folds and ornaments in the 18th century. Evening dresses of "Empire waist" style conquered fashionable women from all over the world, including high-ranked ladies, thus this style was adored by Napoleon's beloved - Josephine;

Вечерние платья стиля «ампир»

Платье со складками

From 1912 to 1945 the length of the dress had changed 5 times.   At the beginning the models of the skirts were long and strict, afterwards the public was shocked by fashionable women wearing the dresses which length was two fingers above the knee level. However, later spreading military conflicts in the 30-40-ies temporarily returned the leading position to the dresses with length at the level of the knees and below;

one of the inventions of the fashion designer Christian Dior forever changed the world of fashion - the style of "new look". To put it frankly the name was invented not by him, but by a journalist who wrote the first review of the post-war collection of the Dior house. The designer admitted that he found inspiration in the luxurious dresses of the Edwardian era of 1901-1910, which also served as a basis for the collection of clothes in the legendary film "Titanic," The key features of which were luxurious, puffy skirt, gracefully underlined delicate waist;

• In the Middle Ages, white clothes, including dresses, were worn only by commoners because they were unable to buy dyes, and handmade ones were unstable. The situation changed only in 1572, when Queen Margo (France)got  married in a luxurious white wedding dress;

Белое свадебное платье

Белое платье

the longest train of the dress is 2779 meters. The Romanian model Emma Dumitrescu flew over Bucharest in a hot air balloon in 2012 wearing  such a dress. In real life, it will be better to wear an evening dress with a train not of not such an extreme length;

Платье со шлейфом

Платье с легким шлейфом

a young couple who changed 19 dresses during  60 seconds was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records

Only fashion-journalist Lydia Sylvester who organized a show of 100 unique models in the late 70's can compete with this record The peculiarity of that was that all hundred models were one dress! And only in the last decade the dynamic rhythm of life gave the second life to the transformer dresses;

Платье с легким шлейфом


black dress, introduced to fashion by  legendary Coco Chanel serves not only for beauty purposes but also for good ones.


So, art director of an advertising agency in New York, Shina Manteiken launched a project in which she was obliged to wear the same black dress, changing only accessories. Money, which she saved on clothing Shin sends to India, where they must be spent on making clothes for Indian first-year pupils.