Fashionable colors of 2018 in the collection of evening dresses
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Fashionable colors of 2018 in the collection of evening dresses

If the world of fashion is imagined being a universe, then fashion weeks in the largest cities - New York, Paris, Milan, London – would be like giant planets with stars, satellites, comets moving by.

These capitals set season trends, which are always taken into account for creating new images or updating the old ones. What are the trendy colors of autumn-winter of 2017-2018?


For a few centuries that have passed since the day of invention, evening dresses came a long way from corsets and pompousness to refinement and minimalism. With new fabrics and formats, the color palette changed. In this season, the specialists of Pantone Institute developed the TOP-10 of fashionable colors of autumn-winter of 2017/2018 on the basis of New York Fashion Week, and we selected our favorites among them: 

Grenadine is a dynamic red color which looks stunning even in a mono-set. Depending on the chosen accessories, the evening dresses of this color can become the basis for a passionate, aggressive or romantic image. Grenadine looks especially well in combination with such colors as Navy Peony, Neutral Gray and Tawny Port.


Tawny Port — color of luxury and elegance. Its most important advantage is its all-purposeness: it is combined with all the colors of this evening collection. Evening dresses of Victoria Beckham’s favorite color look good when used for total look.  

Ballet Slipper — soft color, a shade of pink, which, like the red color, has been a favorite of the fashion industry for so many years. In the evening dress of this color you will look like a pearl among black and brown winter clothes. It is perfectly combined with Neutral Gray.


Navy Peony — this neutral shade of blue is universal, due to which it is good for complementing even bright tones (for example, grenadine).

Shaded spruce — amazing color: easily becomes background for massive gold jewelry and bright miniature accessories; is combined with almost any color, looks especially well with muted red, brown, beige and dark blue.

Marina — second shade of blue in the rating, cheerful and open. Evening dresses of this color can be combined with accessories of white, red, gray colors.

And remember: staying at the peak of fashion is using skill, creating fashion is doing art!