Wedding dresses for puffy brides
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Wedding dresses for puffy brides


After all emotional experiences and difficult preparations, all couples wait their wedding celebrations impatiently.

In this day, a bride and a groom have to look as good as they can. They have to impress everybody with their impressive clothes and view. In this case, a wedding dress and groom’s suit should correspondent to latest fashionable trends, their figures and a whole style of wedding ceremony, which they have created. All guests will wait impatiently an appearance of a bride, to see and rate a beauty of her wedding dress and her image. If a bride has a good taste and sexual, fit figure, she will look completely gorgeous. However, what have to do all brides with puffy figure?

During all times an excess weight of women looked like a real beauty and people liked puffy girls, but everyone thought that thin women were ill.  Those women, who have puffy hips and bosom, have to pay their attention on suitable wedding dress cuts in a process of buying a bridal dress. A wedding dress has to hide figure flaws and to emphasize its values. In a process of choosing decollate, please choose the best top part of your wedding dress. If you have a big breast, you must to hold it with sleeves or straps. It will give you an ability not to pull up dress during wedding ceremony time. 

If a woman with puffy figure is upset about her wide shoulders, she has to think about different models of wedding dress with sleeves. In such case, please buy a beautiful wedding shawl or bolero, which will hide well top part of your shoulders and arms. Notice that a big number of different adornments, spacy frills will emphasize your plumpness. Therefore, each bride has to think about the absence of such elements on a wedding dress, especially on all problem areas of a body. Skinny models and wedding sheath wedding dresses for puffy brides cannot be used, because they can create weighting effect. Therefore, in such case, bridal dresses of A-line, trapezium-shape dresses and dresses with high waist will be the best variants almost for all puffy brides. 

Those women, who have external weight, but it is distributed among body uniform and a waistline is looking well, they can choose different bridal dresses with corsets. Such accessory will emphasize a woman waist greatly. Please, choose a type of corset, which will not compress too much woman’s breast and be a little free. In such case, a bridal image will be able to win all present guests hearts and they will value bride’s appearance.

Puffy brides can choose a wedding dress with different colorful decorations, which will draw away attention from puffy figure and forms. Each bride can use special wedding belt or impressive inset on the top part of a bridal dress. Bottom part of wedding dress, which can be decorated with impressive adornments or embroidery, will be very suitable too. Please, don’t choose rose or other pastel shades for adornments, which will not be expressive on bridal image.

Each puffy woman has to choose a wedding dress according to her figure type. Follow to stylist recommendations, which will very useful for you. If a bride has puffy top of figure, please choose a wedding dress with expressive adornments on a bottom part. Those brides, who have narrow shoulders, but puffy hips and belly, have to try wedding cuts with well-emphasized top. This type of wedding dress has will not emphasize bottom part at all, but it has to hide it well.

Please, do not forget about one of the most popular wedding styles nowadays, called Empire style. It will be very suitable for puffy brides too. This Greek type of bridal dress, which was very popular in France in times of Napoleon, can emphasize breast and hide behind beautiful fabrics puffy bottom part of bridal figure. This type of wedding dress will be one of the most ideal for summer weddings in hot period. 

All brides with puffy figure can look ideal on their wedding celebrations, in case of choosing an ideal wedding dress cut and style. In such case, all guests will mention all bride’s attractions and her good fashion taste. All wedding dresses, which are suitable for puffy brides can hide all figure flaws and emphasize all attractions, which will show a beauty best of all.