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The Sales of New Collection of Childish Dresses Called “Orchid” and “Balloons” Have Already Started


During the period of the autumn and winter, every child wants to spend time with joy and the highest possible activity. However, childish toys and other home activities not often can give to every kid so big pleasure like in the summertime outside.

Only games and childish adventures with same-age kids can make your child the most active and happy in the wintertime, when bed weather is outside the window.

“Silviamo Company” offers to all adults, who have a daughter a new collection of childish dresses called “Orchid”. This collection of childish dresses will be really relevant during the whole year. Combination of bright colors, pleasant and qualitative tissues and manifold design will be pleased be every girl. If your daughter is from five to 11 years old, you should pay your attention to this glorious collection. As a rule, the life of every child is rather active and parents have many events, which require making children well dressed.

Especially it is relevant to small girls, who have to be beautiful from the early years. Childish celebrations in nursery and primary school, birthdays and simple visits to friends and relatives need to have a good view. The new collection of the childish dresses “Orchid” gives an opportunity to every girl to bloom as a real spring flower. Designer from “Silviamo” team made a new fashionable line of childish dresses really warm and fresh. 

All parents have to notice another new collection of childish dresses of 2016 called “Balloons” that can be also interesting for every girl. In comparison with collection “Orchid”, the new one is not so summery, but childish dresses from “Balloon” line is more areal, light and well-suitable for very active children. 

No matter what collection you will choose, “Silviamo Company” uses natural tissues only and the qualitative textile furniture from Germany, which is manufacturing specially for childish clothes. Our clothes suits well for children of the youngest age group. 

At the moment everyone has an opportunity to offer in bulk or in retail mode the production from the childish collections on the our official website. We hope that after buying of this production you will have successful sales on your kid’s store. If you will have some questions connected with the childish collections “Balloon” and “Orchid”, we give you an ability to connect online through website with our sales manager or use our contact phones.

If you choose for your daughter our clothes, she will be the most beautiful in the every celebration.

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