The New Collection of Childish Dresses Called “Balloons” Is Available On Our Website
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The New Collection of Childish Dresses Called “Balloons” Is Available On Our Website


One of the most important things for every girl is to look like real princess, fairy or like fabulous mermaid. Children think every day about fairy heroes, which make them almost happy.

Childish dresses from TM “Silviamo” help to realize these fairy images in the real life. However, for every parent there are other important things connected with childish clothes. All they worry about the convenience of clothes for their children. As every adult knows, many kids can be hyperactive and all they need to wear very comfortable clothing. It will help to feel themselves good in a process of playing games with their age-mate friends.

TM “Silviamo” designed a new collection of childish dresses with aerial balloons. Now every small girl will have a good ability to feel herself like fairy hero and to wear dresses with maximum convenience.

Why we have called a new collection of childish dresses like “Balloons”?

All clothes from this new collection of childish dresses are light and comfortable and every girl can feel herself comfortable and light with every model. Our designers and closing modelers took the best experience of the most famous brands of childish clothes. They have created not only brilliant design of childish dresses, but also have made very comfortable and qualitative clothes too. The first component is light and qualitative natural tissues, which will not cause skin irritation of small children. This factor is very important for all parents, because of the bad health of children nowadays. The second innovative factor is microclimate control. We used European qualitative tissues, which were specially intended for childish dresses. When your daughter will wear such dress, she will not feel herself cold or hot. Everyone should consider the fact, that majority of dresses are light and opened for a summer period. That means that during the cold weather this clothing will not protect the children from fresh air, but inside the house, every girl have to feel herself good. The third component of new collection is the variety of the styles, which are the similar to the cuts of the wedding and evening dresses. It will help to receive the feeling of a woman style for every girl, which she will need to have in the older age.

The new collection of childish dresses is available now on the official website. Every small girl has a good chance to receive the best childish clothing from the new latest fashion line. From day to day, we are receiving good responses from our young and old customers. We have considered all requests from our customers and our new childish collection “Balloons” has a great success. 

Choose the new childish dresses from TM “Silviamo” right now, to make the best style of your daughter!

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