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Top-facts from Silviamo: these amazing evening dresses

What is an evening attire? The usual outfit, an element for creating an image or a means of communication? First of all, it is a  history: victories and discoveries, achievements and records. Specially for you, we gleaned the TOP verified facts which will make you look differently at the wonderful world of the evening dresses.


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When buying wholesale dresses

In the process of choosing a wedding dress may have many different nuances, issues and even problems. When choosing a dress for a girl is usually quite long and very difficult, the choice of models of wedding, children or evening dresses for salons, at first glance, the case is almost minute.


The Sales of New Collection of Childish Dresses Called “Orchid” and “Balloons” Have Already Started

During the period of the autumn and winter, every child wants to spend time with joy and the highest possible activity. However, childish toys and other home activities not often can give to every kid so big pleasure like in the summertime outside.


Wedding dresses for puffy brides

After all emotional experiences and difficult preparations, all couples wait their wedding celebrations impatiently.


Fashionable colors of 2018 in the collection of evening dresses

If the world of fashion is imagined being a universe, then fashion weeks in the largest cities - New York, Paris, Milan, London – would be like giant planets with stars, satellites, comets moving by.


We have already made a new photo session in The USA

One week ago, we made a new and far trip to the United States of America. In some time, all our partners will receive full information about the all results of this interesting journey.


The New Collection of Childish Dresses Called “Balloons” Is Available On Our Website

One of the most important things for every girl is to look like real princess, fairy or like fabulous mermaid. Children think every day about fairy heroes, which make them almost happy.


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